Welcome to the web site for Phoenix Arizona's Only

Full Size Indoor Dog Agility Training Facility!

Established in October 2008, Top Notch Canines LLC is the first indoor dog Agility training facility in Phoenix Arizona.   It is also the only indoor dog Agility facility in Arizona capable of hosting sanctioned competitions.  The flooring, Comfort King matting,  offers awesome footing for dog and handler alike.  Evaporative cooling keeps the facility comfortable Mid Sept thu Mid to late June.  The facility is located just off the I-10 and 59th Ave.

Debbie Strieter, the owner and founder has been competing and teaching agility for over 25 years.  All TNC instructors compete at the National Level, qualifying and competing in National Level competitions in multiple Agility organizations.  Find out more about Debbie and the TNC Instructors on the Instructors page.

Top Notch Canines offers many options for dog agility competitors looking for a place to play.  Check us out!

Agility Competitions

Top Notch Canines (TNC) boasts a full size agility arena approved for hosting one ring trials for most agility venues..  Top Notch Canines hosts several AKC and USDAA Agility Competitions throughout the year including the warmer months when it is too warm to host competitions outdoors.   In addition, several local clubs use the facility to host their own USDAA, AKC, DOCNA, and ASCA  Competitions.  Information about all Events at TNC can be found under "Events" on the menu bar.


When split by a tennis curtain the field supports 2 classes running simultaneously.   TNC organized classes are held side by side on the field Monday through Thursday evenings.  In addition, Daytime classes, privates and semi-privates are available with the owner, Monday through Thursday afternoons.   Privates and semi-privates may be scheduled on an occasional Friday by special request.  Other top instructors in the valley rent the facility mornings and other random times for their own classes and privates.  Check out the options under Classes on the menu bar for TNC classes and those of other instructors.

Fun Runs

Throughout the year TNC offers Agility Fun Runs for "on course" practice time.  This is a great opportunity to reinforce skills.  Check out times and enroll in fun runs on the Fun Run page.

Open Practice

When the Agility field is not in use for classes, privates etc  it is available for open practice.  Please check out the Open Practice page for details and forms for requesting Open practice time.

Event Rental

The Top Notch Canines Facility is available for rent to host a variety of canine events.   Use the Contact Us form to ask about using the facility for your own event.