Welcome to the TNC  Summer program for 2018.

We are offering 4 extra classes this summer.  Classes are limited so don't delay :O)

Click on the buttons to the right for the classes you are interested in.  The Link will take you to a page with the dates, cost and registration form each summer class.

Important Dates
  • June 4th - registration forms must be completed
  • June 14th - payment is due
Fitness with Dr. Jarvis - Friday evening at 6:30 pm

Dr. Jarvis will get us all started on a path to ensuring that our dogs are at peak fitness for agility!

Summer Jumping 101 - Friday evening at 7:45 pm

This class will include several of the basic single jump skills from Linda Mecklenberg, some of Susan Salo’s exercises as well of several of the old fashioned jump grids/chutes that were taught by Elicia Calhoun. 

Focused Unleashed - Saturday afternoon at 3:00 pm

This class is based on the principles in the Control Unleashed book and videos.  It is designed to help your dog learn to calm, work and focus in highly stimulating environments.

Extreme Weaves - Saturday afternoon at 4:30pm

In this class we will provide opportunities for the dog and handler to learn to accomplish the communication needed for some of the tough weave pole entries/exits that we see today.