ASCA/DOCNA are smaller than other shows so kennel space is not at a premium.   Please check with the host group regarding rules about un-entered dogs etc.   This FAQ will help those attending these trials to understand how to preserve the matting and keep our neighbors happy.

You can help us keep our neighbors happy by not parking in their lots during business hours. Those lots are for the use of their customers.

  • During the weekdays, Monday thru Friday, please park behind the TNC building or on the street.
  • On Saturday and Sunday our neighbors to the north and south graciously permit us to park on their property.  Please respect their property by not pottying  your dog on their property and by cleaning up your trash.
  • Please enter the TNC rear parking area from the south side of the building and exit on the North.   The traffic lanes are not designed for handling 2 way traffic. Drive slowly!  Thank you for keeping the tight spaces safe!
  • During AKC and USDAA trials handicap individuals my park parallel to the building on the south side.  Those working out of their car and who made arrangements prior to the trial may park parallel to the building on the north side where there is some shade.

We have limited space for exercise pens.

  • Metal exercise pens at may be used ONLY in the concrete kennel area.
  •  Due to damage that has occurred to the runners and the matting, soft play pens MUST have the bottom zipped or permanently attached.  Bedding of any type or size  is not a replacement for a zipped or permanently attached bottom.  If you must use a soft play pens with no bottom or a velcro bottom, then it  MUST be placed in the concrete areas.

The mats at TNC are anti-fatique,  providing great resilience under foot for both dogs and handlers.  However,

  • They are not designed to hold up to the abrasive dirt and granite in Arizona.  Help us protect them and leave dirt, mud and granite outside.
  • Indoors, dogs and handlers should not have to worry about foxtail, poop, and goat heads in the ring or out.

Smoother soled shoes work best at TNC. The same matting which is awesome for the dogs, giving them the traction for speed and confidence, can trip the handler that doesn’t pick up their feet. Don’t wear shoes designed to give you good traction outside. That will be overkill indoors.

Soccer cleats are not permitted under any circumstances.

You can help us protect the mats by limiting water spills.   Water spilled on the mats and left to soak in, damages the mats.  The water soaks in and mold can begin to form on the other sides of the mat if the water does not evaporate quickly.  The mat may look dry on top and still be wet underneath.

You can help by using spill free water bowls or bowls that can be anchored to the crate to reduce spillage.  If your dogs is a “spiller”.   Please put an absorbent towel under your crate to absorb the water before it makes it to the blue matting.  Ideally bring your own towel :O)  It saves me “MUCH” laundry.

Yes, you may leave your kennel overnight. You may also leave your gear bags (with NO FOOD OR TREATS), however TNC is not responsible for any items that you leave. The trial does not end when you leave :O) Other exhibitors will be around.

Please DO NOT leave FOOD/TREATS on site overnight.  These attract mice and snakes.

The red box in the photo below indicates the Dogs’ ONLY Zone.    For the safety of both Dogs and Handlers Please DO NOT Drive in this area.

There is a $15 fine for parking, lodogs-only-zoneading, unloading or driving in the Dog’s Only Zone.   The yellow arrows in the photo  indicate a one way only traffic lane  in (South side) and out (North Side) of the parking area in the back.   Please be careful and drive SLOWLY.   There is NO Parking in the traffic lane!!

You may park on the street if being close to the front doors is important to you.  If you plan to leave early and use the front doors, please carry your gear to a parking spot other than the front of the building..


All kennels belong to students.  If a student is not attending a trial or other event, their kennel is available for use by someone who will treat it kindly and leave it in the same condition or better than they found it.  Some of the kennels no longer have a tray in them due to breakage and abuse by bouncing, scratching dogs.  You will need to bring appropriate bedding for your dog.

There are white boards on the front or top of all student kennels.  If it is not marked as reserved for the event it is available for use.  Sometimes they are marked as “reserved” for only some days of the weekend.  Please read carefully.

The following are “special” reasons for emailing and asking for us to reserve a kennel for you.  Reservations are not finalized til Wed before the trial.  Mostly because I don’t know whether the owner of the kennel will be here :O)

  • you are handicapped and bringing your kennel into the building is difficult
  • you are entered in Nov/Open at an AKC show on a hot weekend and need a place to put your dog when you arrive.  Out of town exhibitors will get preference due to the difficulty of timing their arrival from long distances.

Carts are not permitted in the building.  Primarily because the tires/wheels on most carts react with the matting and stain it.  Every wheel on the equipment and carts that  are used at TNC has been tested on scrap pieces of mat for 24 hrs to ensure there is no chemical reaction.   We have returned many wheels or swapped them out for safe wheels.

Secondly – there simply isn’t room at most trials  :O)

There are no exceptions to this policy except for the stationary cart policy as outlined below.  If you are handicapped and cannot carry your kennel, please arrive early and ask for help!  Sometimes we have unused wire/plastic kennels that can be borrowed for the trial.   If you want to explore that option please notify the Trial Chairperson – you can use the Contact Us form on this site.

Yes, even the small stationary carts wheels leave green stains on the mat.   We understand that many of us are not getting any younger and wheels are our friend.  We permit the use of stationary carts as long as everyone cooperates and we do not have damage to the mat.  If you choose to use a stationary cart, please empty it as soon as you arrive, collapse it and store it on top of your kennel or ideally back in your car.  If we find it sitting on the mat it will be confiscated along with any contents.  It will cost you $10 to get it back.  We appreciate everyone who helps us preserve TNC for the benefit of the community.

The areas circled in yellow below are suitable for pottying your dog.

Please DO NOT potty your dog on the property of neighboring businesses!  This is a serious issue which merits a trial committee meeting to remove you from the trial.


Photos of potty areas also posted at TNC near access doors

We request that you do not take kennels, chairs and large bulky items out thru the front door.  The doors are glass and vulnerable to breakage.  You are encouraged to take heavy/bulky gear thru the side doors during course building and walk thrus.  Please plan ahead.

At AKC trials sharing a kennel with someone arriving for later classes – particularly AKC Nov/Open classes, is highly recommended.   During a course walk thru/ course building you can set  the rest of your gear outside the side doors.    When you are ready, walk out the front/side door with your dog and bring your car around to pick up your gear.  Be sure to place your gear well away from the roll up doors and be QUIET as you load your car – dogs may be on the line just inside the door.

IF YOU MUST take your gear out thru the front doors please ask someone to hold the door for you and be considerate of dogs coming thru the doors, they may be headed for the ring.  If you break the glass door YOU PAY FOR IT AND  YOU will be the one acting as security guard over-night until I can get it repaired.

Any chair in good condition with no broken pieces or exposed metal are permitted on the matting.   Please be sure all 4 chair legs have plastic or rubber bases in-tact.  Chair legs with no protection act like a cookie cutter on the mat and will damage it.

We now have shelves for small dogs.   You may place your smaller dog’s kennel on the shelf.  There is room for 15-16 small kennels.  This gets them off the floor making more space for larger kennels.  In deference to those using the shelves – kennels under the shelf must not stick out beyond the lip of the shelf.

You are welcome to use a wire kennel but please follow the special rules below to ensure a long life for TNC matting.

  • No protection is necessary for metal kennels in the concrete areas.
  • As with ALL kennels, wire kennels must be placed in the appropriate area for their size.  The size dimension is the depth of the kennel.
  • Kennel mats are EXACTLY 3 ft except in designated areas where they overlap to permit 4 ft kennels   Metal 3 ft kennels are notorious for being 37/38 inches instead of 36 and they need a towel to protect the mat.  Even if your kennel measures exactly 3 ft,  back to back kennels may slightly exceed 3 ft.  Please be prepared to add a towel under the front of your kennel to protect the mat.
  • All Kennels extending  more than an inch or two off the mat must be moved to an area for deeper kennels due to deeper kennels restricting isle way access.

Food and drink are permitted with common sense :O).   All beverages must be in a closed and/or spill proof containers.  Definition of a spill proof container is that you can turn it upside down and it does not leak.   Soups and liquid meals are best eaten outside.   Hot and acidic items can damage the matting.  Notice that the roll up doors leave the building open to critters from the outside.  We have had ants, snakes, mice etc.  Please clean up all food spills immediately and do not leave food or treats in the building overnight.