Finally!!! It is Auction time! Auction closes Friday at 4pm.

If you are just “curious”  enjoy!  You might also want to come visit us for smaller items not listed in the auction.  We will be open May 29th – June 1st for browsing.

If you would like to place a bid – Please register for a login on the side bar of most website pages – try this one :O)   Then return to the auction page to bid on the items you want.

ALL items must be picked up between May 29th and June 1st.   


The Top row of items with numbers in parenthesis are categories – click there to limit your search.  ALL items are listed alphabetically below the category list.

General Info

  • STEP ONE – YOU MUST get a login!!!  It is the only way this thing works.  Students may use their current login.   Others may use the same Student login link on the side bar of most pages to get a login.  Sorry the Auction page software does not have a place to get a login :O(  I will have to approve your login so get it soon!  As soon as you get notification that I have accepted your login you may join the bidding!!
  • I had first dibs on equipment and instructors had second.   That accounts for the items that are missing.
  • Items listed with a Quantity like the jumps, freezer etc. will be awarded to the highest bidders.  If you win the bid on an item you will be asked how many you want.  If there items left, then I will contact the next highest bidder etc until the item is gone.
  • Auction closes Friday at 4pm Arizona time.
  • You will be notified by the website if someone outbids you but you will not be notified of who your competitors for an item are.
  • There may be a delay in getting your login since Debbie has to do it manually so apply NOW :O)
  • When you win a bid – your item will go into your cart. (still working on that).  However….
  • Payment must be made in cash or check.  No Credit cards.

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