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This great quote about life from Gilda Radner seems quite applicable to dog training and running agility courses as well.  Keep your sense of humor at all times, enjoy watching your dog think… and training will bring you and your dog to a new sense of understanding and confidence in each other!

“Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.” — Gilda Radner

Week 1 – Homework

To Do

Put eye contact on cue


Reading/Viewing List

What is Clicker Training – KP

Intro to Clicker Training – Debi Davis

5 Steps to Train a Behavior


Week 2 – Homework

To Do

Crate Games


It’s your choice

Reading/Viewing List

Getting Stuck while Shaping

Stages of Learning

Week 3 – Homework

To Do

Crate Games – add duration and release word

Paw Touch

Place training – Karen Pryor – add duration and Release word

Reading/Viewing List

Release Word

Paw Target Videos

Duration via 300 peck

Week 4 – Homework

To Do

Transfer the PAW Touch to a “shake”  and a “High Five” — put each on separate cue.

Place – increase duration using the 300 peck method.  (Can your dog stay in place while you eat dinner?)

Reading/Viewing List

Shake with dog hitting hand

Shake with dog hitting hand – video

 Teaching Paired Cues like Shake, High Five

Week 5 – Homework

To Do

Place – increase duration and distance – 300 peck (Can your dog stay in place while you eat dinner?)

Dance – 2 feet on the object and moving back feet to get a cookie

Foot target

Shake  – on verbal cue (how about High Five, Wave ?

increase distance to the foot target – how far will your dog go?

Find a kid’s drum or other object that will make noise – will your dog hit it?

Reading/Viewing List

Teaching Paired Cues like Shake, High Five

Pivot on a Book

Dance Part 1

 Dance Part 2

Week 6 – Homework

To Do

Dance – Movement into side, close front

Nose Touch

Fetch – Dog picks up an object ( add duration)

Reading/Viewing List

Nose Touch

Fetch – read all 4 parts

Fetch – Video 1

Fetch – Video 2