Debbie Strieter

Debbie has been involved with animals since childhood.  She grew up with horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens.  The vet frequently complained that her horse was trained like a dog.

As an adult, Debbie’s first dog was a Golden Retriever.  After earning her obedience CD title, they discovered Dog Agility in 1990.  Since then Debbie has loved, trained and competed in Agility with 2 Australian Shepherds, 3 Border Collies and a friend’s  very special Sheltie.  After losing her first Aussie prematurely, Debbie brought her son’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi out of retirement and competed with him for a year, completing his NATCH and qualifying him for USDAA Nationals at the age of 9.   She also trained and competed with a Papillon and 2 Flat-Coated Retrievers belonging to a friend who wintered in Phoenix.

Debbie started teaching at Contact Zonies Agility Club just a year after starting in the sport.  She is a charter member of Jumping Chollas Agility Club where she taught for several years before re-joining Contact Zonies Agility Club and becoming their training director.   For several years Debbie conducted classes out of her yard, conducting seminars and giving privates in Cottonwood, Flagstaff, and Show Low.  When a new neighbor was not appreciative of the dogs, Debbie hit the road with her training.  For a year she traveled to Queen Creek, Cottonwood and two Phoenix locations to teach, finally settling at the Contact Zonies training field, working out of a Mobile Mini storage box teaching daytime classes.  Tired of working in the sun and weather and the limitation of daytime only classes and the need to cancel during the summer heat, in October 2008, Debbie moved indoors and founded Top Notch Canines.

Over the years Debbie has realized how critical it is in the formation of the “team” that the basic skills be taught well to both the handler and dog.  Her dream is for Top Notch Canines to be the “best” with state of the art teaching techniques.

Debbie enjoys working with all breeds and mix breeds.   What intrigues her the most is the challenge of finding what works for each dog and handler, as they grow in their relationship and find that special connection that makes a “team”, whether  they ever compete in agility or not.

Debbie is proud of each of her dog’s accomplishments both on and off the agility field.


Gandolf’s Circuit Breaker, Golden Retriever  CD, EAC, OJC, OGC, CGC, TT

  • Family dog first, best friend to my son.   First in so many ways.

O-NATCH, ADCH, PDCH, ATCH Ku’u Kiapolo Uhane, Australian Shepherd, ASCA/AKC CD, CGC, MX, MXJ, RS-E-SP, S-EAC, S-EJC, S-EGC, OTG, ETN, OWV

  • Qualified for ASCA Finals 2 years
  • Finished in the top 25 dogs in the USDAA Nationals Grand Prix Semi-Finals at Del Mar 2 years in a row.
  • Performance USDAA Top Ten Jumpers 2004
  • Qualified for NADAC nationals every year of her career.  Competed at nationals 2000.
  • Qualified for AKC Nationals 2003
  • Certified Therapy Dog – TDInc

NATCH Coalbyn-Mylkwood Storm(y) Petrel, PW Corgi, MPD, PSM, OAJ, OA

  • Performance USDAA Top Ten Gamblers 2005
  • Performance Speed Jumping, Performance Grand Prix, Versatility Pairs Qualifier for USDAA Nationals 2005,
  • Certified Therapy Dog – TDInc
  • Proudest accomplishment – taking three kids to National competitions.

NATCH, ADCH, PDCH Brekins Flicka, Border Collie, MX, MXJ, AXP, AJP, OF, Bronze TM,

  • USDAA Accomplished Gamblers Dog
  • USDAA Masters Standard Champion
  • USDAA Tournament Master Bronze
  • USDAA Accomplished Tournament Dog
  • USDAA Grand Prix Semi Finalist – 2004, 2005, 2006
  • Qualified for GP, Steeplechase, Dam Team events at USDAA Nationals 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
  • Qualified for PVP Team at USDAA Nationals 2009
  • 2008 DOCNA Championships INT Standard Regional –  2nd Place
  • 2008 DOCNA Championships National North American Challenge– 2nd Place
  • 2009 DOCNA Championships SPC Jumpers Regional –  2nd Place
  • 2009 DOCNA Championships INT Standard Regional –  1st Place

PDCH  Rocky, Sheltie,  MX, MXJ, OF

  • Qualified for GP, Steeplechase, Dam Team events at USDAA Nationals 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • 2006 Performance Grand Prix Finals Qualifier – 12″ division
  • 9th place individual Versatility Pairs Jumpers 2009 Nationals
  • 2nd Place – 2009 Performance Grand Prix Finals – 12″ division
  • Qualified for AKC Nationals 2010  (We miss you “little man”!)
  • High Scoring Agility Dog – Sheltie Nationals 2010

Guirmere SirIvanhoe, Border Collie, AAD, MJ, MR, AXJ, OA, OF

  • Qualified for GP, Steeplechase, Dam Team events at USDAA Nationals 2008
  • Qualified for Steeeplechase, Dam Team events at USDAA Nationals 2009
  • 2008 DOCNA Championships INT Standard Regional –  2nd Place
  • 2009 DOCNA Championships SPC Jumpers Regional –  2nd Place
  • 2009 DOCNA Championships INT Standard Regional –  1st Place

ADCH – Bronze BreeSea’s Mirabile Visu, Border Collie, TM-G, JCH-S, GCH-S, SACH-S, MXJ, MJB, MX, XF, T2B

  • Qualified for 2013 USDAA Nationals -Steeplechase, GP and DAM.
  • Qualified for 2014 USDAA Nationals – Steeplechase, GP and DAM
  • Qualified for 2016 USDAA Nationals – Masters Challenge, Steeplechase, GP and DAM
  • 2013 SW Regional Steeplechase Bye

Ciircle S Liten Pojke, Australian Shepherd – AX, AXJ, XF, TM-B, GCH, AAD, 

  • Qualified for 2016 USDAA Nationals – Steeplechase and DAM