Fun Runs

Fun Run's rarely Please do not sign up for all events at once.  Withdrawal's are a lot of work :O) 

I expect things to be changing with COVID over the summer so be judicious with how far in advance you make plans.

Thank you!!

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2019 Summer Fun Run Passes!!! 

2 Fun Runs free with each Pass

$150 - 1st Dog Pass (12 for the cost of 10)

$120 - 2nd Dog Pass (12 for the cost of 10)

  • Doors open 15 min prior to start time.
  • Events are limited to 30 dogs (15 per side - groups swap sides to get access to both courses)
  • Typically each dog will get 2 runs on each course.
Pre-Registration is Required
        $15.00   Dual Fun Runs  (2 courses  STD/Jumpers)

$150  - Summer Fun Run Pass - 12 Fun Runs (2 free fun runs)

        $12.00   second dog

$120  - Summer Fun Run Pass - 12 Fun Runs (2 free fun runs)

Payment methods:
  • Send a check in the US Mail to:     Top Notch Canines,  5201 W. Park View Lane,  Glendale AZ 85310
  • Bring TNC CASH, US $ or check payment to the event
  • Summer Fun Run Pass - available from Debbie or at your first Fun Run (no CC cards)
  • CC cards are NOT accepted
Please Note:
  • All events will be held at Top Notch Canines, 107 N 57th Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85043 unless otherwise specified.
  • Never been to a Fun Run at TNC?  The FAQ's below will help you know what to expect.

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