Loop 202 Construction Information

DISCLAIMER:    Alerts regarding Loop 202 come from a variety of sources.  Some easier to interpret than others.  I will post what I know to this page as a convenience to customers.  It is always wise to do you own investigation.  I am not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of this information :O)


  • Access to 57th Drive: Jefferson is closed Permanently, Washington is closed and will not reopen until the 202 is complete so access is from Van Buren ONLY.
  • Van Buren ...Sometime this month (January) major construction will begin on Van Buren as they begin work on the interchange.  It will be one lane each direction.   We have been promised that left turns WILL be permitted, however, access to 57th drive will be restricted to "local" traffic.
  • 57th Dr....  The workers do not expect heavy traffic in an industrial area at night or weekends.  I have been in contact with the 202 Outreach Coordinator.   In the hopes of ensuring workers are aware of our odd hours - I have created a "pass" of sorts for you to PRINT and place in your window that indicates you are a customer of TNC and the address you are going too.  This should help workers understand the unusual traffic.

Additional Construction Info

The following information is emailed to me and will be posted as the rest of my responsibilities permit.