New Website

Hi All,

Been working on the new website in my spare time for the last few months. It isn’t quite ready for prime time yet but… the old site is “Dead”.   An upgrade with my host left the old site unusable. Many of you know that I have been quite concerned about that happening sooner or later.   Fortunately it lasted “long enough”.

The new site has most of the content of the old site so it should suffice as I continue to refine it. If you find typos, bugs etc please let me know. Slowly but surely it will come together.

You will need to register again for an account to get to the Student pages.

Coming soon!

  • Aleks has provided me with some great photos of students dogs and she will get some good facility shots for the facility page.
  • I am working on a Brag page where you can post whatever you are excited about with pictures! Should be fun!
  • Ultimately some kind of online payment system.