Top instructors

operate their own classes indoors at TNC!

In addition to TNC classes, a few top Phoenix instructors offer classes indoors at TNC under a rental agreement.  These classes operate independently from TNC classes and there is no connection between instructors.  Each instructor works autonomously.   Evaluations may be required to move between TNC classes and classes taught by each of the these instructors.

Please contact each instructor personally.  TNC does not act as a facilitator with instructors renting for their own classes.

Tuesday & Wednesday mornings - Chris Hill  

Classes and private lessons

Email: Chris @ ChrisAndJD.Com

Thursday mornings - Amber Abbott  


Website: LeapsnBounds

Email: leapsnbounds22 @ gmail . com

Saturday mornings - Ronnie Marquez

Open practice, agility classes, and private lessons available

Email: vmarquez817 @ cox . net