Open Practice Times Thru May 28

TNC Open Practice


Most Open Practice times are held opposite Debbie's classes.  You will have access to the side of the field that she is not teaching on.  There is a tennis curtain separating the field.  These time slots are appropriate for dogs who

  • can work with the distraction of other dogs working.
  • can be kept under control at all times. No running around or charging the curtain.
  • are "relatively" quiet.  We know they are dogs and some talk but, out of courtesy to Debbie's students, the barking cannot effect their class.


  • Watch your dog at ALL times and take breaks in your training to take them outside to potty
  • If Debbie is teaching a class she is unavailable for questions until her class is over!!! PLEASE be considerate of the students paying for her time.
  • Please enter the building from the south side if you have reserved time on the Contact side of the field.  Enter from the North side if you have reserved time on the Jumpers side of the field.
  • If you have arrived early please leave your dogs and gear in the car until you have verified that no one is currently practicing on the side of the field that you have reserved.  Please be considerate of their use of the field.
  • Please park in the rear of the building or along the side.  You may unload near the doors when the pavement is hot, then move your vehicle so it is not restricting traffic flow.

The calendar below tells you which days and times the field is available as well as which side of the field is available at that time.

While most Open Practice is held opposite Debbie's classes, you may occasionally see a time slot in the list where the entire field is available.  The calendar states "both sides" if both sides are available.  Do not expect to be able to utilize one side of the field for the entire time.  You may be sharing the field with others.

*** If you are interested in daytime Open Practice time for a dog that is not suitable for these times or if none of these times work with your schedule please click on the "Contact Us for other available times" button.

Pre-Registration is Required

  • Daytime Open Practice is limited to 2 dogs when one side of the field is available
  • Daytime Open Practice is limited to 4 dogs when both sides of the field are available.
  • Evening Open Practice is limited to 4 dogs on one side of the field.

Please click on the button above right to register.

Cost for Regularly Scheduled times:
        $12.00   First Dog
        $8.00   Second Dog
Payment methods:
  • CC cards are NOT accepted
  • It helps immensely if you come with exact change or a check.  Debbie cannot interrupt her class to make change :O)
Please Note:
  • All Open Practice times will be held at Top Notch Canines, 107 N 57th Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85043 unless otherwise specified.
  • Please be careful when entering the building.  There may be a dog running on the field very close to the door.
  • Never been to a Open Practice at TNC?  The FAQ's below will help you know what to expect.

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