Join us for the February

TNC Group Dog Food Order


The February TNC Monthly Pet Food price list and order form are available via the links below. Please fill out either the E-Order Form (preferred) or the Printable Order Form and follow the directions at the bottom of this page for submitting your order.

Important Dates:

Thursday, January 30th — All dog food orders are due to TNC. (THIS week)
Tuesday, February 4th (evening) — Orders are ready to be picked up.

Dog Food News:

  • We have been informed that the manufacturer is discontinuing the Natural Planet line. Our distributor has some stock left but when it's gone it's gone. Items that are already out of stock have been removed from the TNC price list but their stock is low and there is no guarantee that items we show will still be available when the order is submitted. If you're desperate for something, let Dave (me) know and I'll see if I can get them to hold a bag for us.

Not-so-new news...

  • We have added some products from The Real Meat Company to the order list. Let us know if you would like something else to be added.
  • Our distributors no longer carry Ziwi Peak or Nature's Logic. We're looking for a new distributor that we can switch to, but due to large minimum-order requirements, we can't just add another distributor. We very much regret this inconvenience.
  • Feel free to ask for other brands or foods that are not listed on the price sheet. If you don't see what you want, send Ronnie an email.  We may be able to provide it to you.
Gentle Reminders
  • For downloading the E-Order Form, be sure to click the "Download Instructions" button above for guidance, as the procedure is a little unusual.
  • The e-order form has pull-down filters in each column. For example, if you want to see only Grandma Lucy’s products, click the arrow in the “Brand” heading, uncheck “(Select All)” and then check Grandma Lucy’s. To see everything again, click the arrow and either check “(Select All)” or select “Clear Filter…”   Use this method to hide items you’re not ordering, by unchecking “Blanks” in the filter on either of the right two columns.


  • ALL canned items must be purchased by the case.  Strangely they list the per can price.  So… when ordering any canned items please specify the quantity as 12.  Everything we have on our list is sold in cases of 12.

Important reminders:

We welcome your comments on what we carry and our pricing!

  • Want something we don’t yet list? Let us know the item details including size you prefer and will locate a supplier.
  • If you find a retailer offering you better pricing just tell us and provide details of the store location and item description, size and pricing. We will work to verify that the pricing still exists and we will 1) match it for you and other customers and 2) we will give you, the finder, a 5% discount off the price of that item the next time you buy it.
  • Want raw foods at monthly pricing but can’t store it all? No problem, buy the monthly amount and Top Notch Canines will store it for you in our freezers so you can take home a one or two week supply at a time. Your order will be marked with your name in our freezers.

Multiple ways to submit your dog food order:

Email method: send us your dog food order via the attached spreadsheet by emailing it to the store @

At TNC method: not a fan of email? That’s OK, print a copy of the Printable Order From and fill it out.  Simply review the price list and copy over all the details of to the matching columns on the order form. Place your dog food order form and your check into an envelope marked with your name and “Store” and drop it in the box.

In your email, please let us know whether you are mailing your check or will place it in the TNC payment box using an envelope marked with your name and “Store” during your next class session. If you wish to mail in your payment, send it to: Debbie Strieter, 5201 W. Park View Lane, Glendale, AZ 85310.