Summer Jumping 101

This class will include several of the basic single jump skills from Linda Mecklenberg, some of Susan Salo’s exercises as well of several of the old fashioned jump grids/chutes that were taught by Elicia Calhoun.  Each class is broken up into 5 workstations.  The first 15 min of class is explanation of each station.  You will be then be partnered with another student to rotate thru the exercises.


  • Jumping 101 - $290 for 11 weeks ... 1.5 hrs each week

Please let us know ASAP if your interested in Jumping 101. Please fill in the form by noon May 14.  After May 14 - enrollment will open to non-TNC students.  You MUST fill out the form to confirm enrollment.  Verbal discussion does not constitute enrollment.

Payment for enrollment is due by May 26

Class Dates

Fri Jun 9, 6:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 1
Fri Jun 16, NO CLASS
Fri Jun 23, 6:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 2
Fri Jun 30, 6:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 3
Fri Jul 7, 6:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 4
Fri Jul 14, 6:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 5
Fri Jul 21NO CLASS
Fri Jul 28, 6:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 6
Fri Aug 11, 6:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 7
Fri Aug 18, 6:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 8
Fri Aug 25, 6:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 9
Fri Sep 16:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 10
Fri Sep 8, 6:40pm – 8:10pmWeek 11

Registration Form

Please follow up immediately with a check to TNC.