Survey for Summer Classes

Classes will be held Friday evening or Saturday afternoon - evening. Sunday morning will feature fun runs.
Information such as the earliest time you can be here and the latest hour. The broader your availability the easier is will be to form a class that meets your needs. The more restrictive your availability is, the less likely that I will be able to form classes that will work for ALL of us.
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Summer Class Descriptions

Control Unleashed  - A repeat of the class we did in 2015 to help agility dogs focus in the face of challenging activity around them.   Activity is a broad term encompassing a variety of distractions whether fear based or over stimulation.

Jumping 101 - Our usual introduction to jump skills for young agility dogs.

Advanced Jumping Skills - This class assumes the dog has the Jumping 101 skills and takes then into more complex Salo and Mecklenburg Grids, chutes and Jumping exercises

Contact Refresher  -  This class is for dogs whose contacts have deteriorated over time and for those needing to challenge their dog to the next level before heading into the ring in the fall.  The class is aimed at dogs with stopping contacts.

Extreme Weaves - We will work a variety of tough weave pole entries.

Canine Fitness -  Dr. Jarvis will take the group thru exercises to help us build and maintain the fitness of our agility dogs with an eye toward reducing the risk of injuries.