Training Style

At Top Notch Canines, we train all students for the highest level of competition.  Whether you compete or not is the choice of each student.  Dogs and handlers who are retrained are rarely as successful as those who started with high standards and precision training techniques.  Getting rid of bad habits is never easy!  At TNC we strive to start you and your dog on the right track from the beginning.

Top Notch Canines uses positive training methods to develop teamwork and enhance your relationship with your dog.   We use clickers, verbal markers and operant conditioning principles to build agile minds in our dogs.  Dogs that have learned to think and problem-solve early in their training will be able to confidently perform in any environment.

TNC instructors encourage students to maintain a balance of classroom and creative home training for maximum results, while always keeping practice “FUN”!  

That all sounds very serious but TNC classes are a balance between the serious and having fun.  Dogs are rewarded with cookies, toys and fun games.  We believe in pushing ourselves to the next level while laughing at our mistakes and enjoying the process of learning.    We all come from a long day at work and this should be an enjoyable experience for us and for our dogs.

A fellow agility competitor sent me this link.  Words to live by…  Video   Come watch a class and get involved!