Can I bring my cart into the building to carry my kennel and gear?

Carts are not permitted in the building.  Primarily because the tires/wheels on most carts react with the matting and stain it.  Every wheel on the equipment and carts that  are used at TNC has been tested on scrap pieces of mat for 24 hrs to ensure there is no chemical reaction.   We have returned many wheels or swapped them out for safe wheels.

Secondly – there simply isn’t room at most trials  :O)

There are no exceptions to this policy except for the stationary cart policy as outlined below.  If you are handicapped and cannot carry your kennel, please arrive early and ask for help!  Sometimes we have unused wire/plastic kennels that can be borrowed for the trial.   If you want to explore that option please notify the Trial Chairperson – you can use the Contact Us form on this site.

Yes, even the small stationary carts wheels leave green stains on the mat.   We understand that many of us are not getting any younger and wheels are our friend.  We permit the use of stationary carts as long as everyone cooperates and we do not have damage to the mat.  If you choose to use a stationary cart, please empty it as soon as you arrive, collapse it and store it on top of your kennel or ideally back in your car.  If we find it sitting on the mat it will be confiscated along with any contents.  It will cost you $10 to get it back.  We appreciate everyone who helps us preserve TNC for the benefit of the community.