Do you have kennels available for use?

All kennels belong to students.  If a student is not attending a trial or other event, their kennel is available for use by someone who will treat it kindly and leave it in the same condition or better than they found it.  Some of the kennels no longer have a tray in them due to breakage and abuse by bouncing, scratching dogs.  You will need to bring appropriate bedding for your dog.

There are white boards on the front or top of all student kennels.  If it is not marked as reserved for the event it is available for use.  Sometimes they are marked as “reserved” for only some days of the weekend.  Please read carefully.

The following are “special” reasons for emailing and asking for us to reserve a kennel for you.  Reservations are not finalized til Wed before the trial.  Mostly because I don’t know whether the owner of the kennel will be here :O)

  • you are handicapped and bringing your kennel into the building is difficult
  • you are entered in Nov/Open at an AKC show on a hot weekend and need a place to put your dog when you arrive.  Out of town exhibitors will get preference due to the difficulty of timing their arrival from long distances.