How do I get into the building if I am not entered in the first run?

Please come in thru the front door to check the status of the trial and your options.

  • Your dog is your first priority.   If dogs are still running and temperatures are too warm to leave your pup in the car, look for an empty kennel to put your dog in.  Frequently there are student kennels available, if you need help ask :O)  There are white boards on the front of student kennels.  If it is not marked as reserved for the weekend it is available for use.   If no kennels are available ask someone to hold your dog while you get your kennel.
  • We frequently have empty student kennels available for use.  If you are coming from out of town on a hot weekend please email or use the Contact Us form.  If there is one of suitable size available we will reserve it for you.
  • During a course walk thru/course building you can bring the rest of your gear in thru the side doors.
  • If all else fails and you must bring a kennel/gear in thru the front doors, please re-arrange where your kennel will go and clear the area, get someone to hold the door and be QUIET so you do not disturb the dogs in the ring.
  • IF YOU MUST take your gear out thru the front doors please ask someone to hold the door for you and be considerate of dogs coming thru the doors, they may be headed for the ring.  If you break the glass door YOU PAY FOR IT AND  YOU will be the one acting as security guard over-night until I can get it repaired.