How do I get out of the building when my runs are finished.

We request that you do not take kennels, chairs and large bulky items out thru the front door.  The doors are glass and vulnerable to breakage.  You are encouraged to take heavy/bulky gear thru the side doors during course building and walk thrus.  Please plan ahead.

At AKC trials sharing a kennel with someone arriving for later classes – particularly AKC Nov/Open classes, is highly recommended.   During a course walk thru/ course building you can set  the rest of your gear outside the side doors.    When you are ready, walk out the front/side door with your dog and bring your car around to pick up your gear.  Be sure to place your gear well away from the roll up doors and be QUIET as you load your car – dogs may be on the line just inside the door.

IF YOU MUST take your gear out thru the front doors please ask someone to hold the door for you and be considerate of dogs coming thru the doors, they may be headed for the ring.  If you break the glass door YOU PAY FOR IT AND  YOU will be the one acting as security guard over-night until I can get it repaired.