May I leave my kennel and gear overnight?

At AKC shows that fill or come close to filling….  Excellent handlers please be considerate and collapse your kennels and set it to the side or stack them on top of another crate,  to make room for the Novice and Open dogs.  Novice and Open handlers – please do the same for the Excellent people.   DO NOT ask me to give you special dispensation.   The cost of special dispensation is a cool million dollars :O).   With that I could find a bigger facility and the donator would have his/her own personal permanently reserved kennel space. :O)

You may also leave your gear bags (with NO FOOD OR TREATS), however TNC is not responsible for any items that you leave. The trial does not end when you leave :O) Other exhibitors will be around.

Please DO NOT leave FOOD/TREATS on site overnight.  These attract mice and snakes.