May I use a wire kennel?

You are welcome to use a wire kennel but please follow the special rules below to ensure a long life for TNC matting.

  • No protection is necessary for metal kennels in the concrete areas.
  • As with ALL kennels, wire kennels must be placed in the appropriate area for their size.  The size dimension is the depth of the kennel.
  • Kennel mats are EXACTLY 3 ft except in designated areas where they overlap to permit 4 ft kennels   Metal 3 ft kennels are notorious for being 37/38 inches instead of 36 and they need a towel to protect the mat.  Even if your kennel measures exactly 3 ft,  back to back kennels may slightly exceed 3 ft.  Please be prepared to add a towel under the front of your kennel to protect the mat.
  • All Kennels extending  more than an inch or two off the mat must be moved to an area for deeper kennels due to deeper kennels restricting isle way access.