Rodent Deterrent Treat/Snack Containers

Due to past issues with rats & mice and the fact that the training room floor cannot be totally secured from critters,  edibles and chewables of all kinds, both human and canine, should be

  • taken home at night or
  • secured in a rodent deterrent container  (Rodent PROOF does not exist but  we can certainly slow them down significantly, thus making TNC less inviting to hungry critters)

Examples of APPROVED containers

The best “APPROVED” containers are lockable and made of double wall hard plastic construction to deter rodents such as these lunchbox coolers.  Soft coolers are NOT acceptable

Examples of UNAPPROVED containers

“UNAPPROVED” containers are those made of a flimsy – easily broken, chewed thru plastic or fabric such as these disposable plastic containers and soft coolers.

There is a wide range of containers between these.  TNC highly recommends the lockable double wall plastic lunchbox coolers.  Less secure coolers and containers are subject to scrutiny.  PLEASE be SURE to LOCK all containers securely when you leave the building.