Where do I find course maps, scores and ribbons?

Course Maps can be found in the morning after the Judge has arrived on the narrow white table under the TV behind the scoring table.

Scores may be seen shortly after your run on the TV on the wall behind the table.   Be patient, our scorekeepers are quite good at keeping things up-to-date.  If there is a concern please ask calmly and politely to see your scribe sheet.

You will find the following items in the Ribbon Room.

  • Final scores are printed at the end of the class and placed in binders on the counter in the Ribbon Room.
  • Ribbons are available for self serve with one provision…. DO NOT remove ribbons from the drawers!  We keep a detailed inventory so we know when to re-order ribbons.  Removing ribbons on your own causes our counts to be incorrect.  Please ask at the score table or find Debbie.  We will be happy to get more ribbons out.
  • Moveup paperwork is available on the counter in the Ribbon Room as well