Need some extra practice time ?

Come join us for Wed Night Open Practice - 6:40 PM Thru the end of May


What will be available?
  • The field layout will be set in its specified configuration for the week.  If you move something please put it back.
  • Hard copy of the Novice and Competition course will be available on the center table.
  • The Dates of Open Practice and the type of course (Standard / Jumpers) are listed in the "Dates of Open Practice" field in the enrollment form at the bottom of this page.
  • It is " OK "  with us if you prefer to "do your own thing".  But as always be fair to your fellow "open practice mates" when sharing time.
Rules for signing up
  • There will be a max of 3 dogs accepted in each time slot and you are expected to share the hour equally :O)
  • Cost is $15 per dog per night.  Pay when you get here.  Cash or Check only
  • Be sure to fill out the form below the sign up list to reserve your place.
How do I know how many dogs are enrolled??
  • Below you will see a table of those who have signed up for the Open Practice.   To Search for a list of those signed up on a specific date...
    1. Please type the date in quotes in the "Search" field exactly as it looks in the table/enrollment form.   ie ("Oct 30").  Don't forget the quotes!!!! 
    2. Then sort by clicking on the "Time of OP" column.
    3. You will then see a list of how many dogs have entered for that date and sorted by time slot.  3 is the max.


  • Withdrawals after 4:00pm will still owe the fee for the evening since you may have kept the spot from another student. 

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Please check the box if you agree. If you do not agree you will be unable to finish the form and will not be able to enroll in TNC activities.
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